louisville golf history

Elmore Just founded Louisville Golf in 1974. The Kentucky-based company quickly became the industry’s leader in the design and production of Persimmon golf clubs. Just, joined by his four brothers (Ron, Mike, Robert, Gerard), invested heavily in research and development to improve the quality of Persimmon wood used in golf club heads and published a book entitled The Persimmon Storypromoting the Persimmon species’ unique qualities for golf.

Persimmon Golf Clubs

Persimmon’s physical properties make it ideal for golf clubs. It weighs 52 pounds per cubic foot and its relative hardness, measured by the rebound characteristic modulus of elasticity, is superior to other woods. Persimmon cushions little at impact, allowing the wood to maximize energy transference to the ball. Elmore once said: “Persimmon is nature’s gift to the game of golf. Its performance value is eternal.

In the 1980s Louisville Golf manufactured Persimmon heads for some of the golf industry’s most respected companies: Hogan, Wilson, Spalding, Tommy Armour and Ram to name just a few. When many wooden golf club manufacturing plants closed due to increasing production costs, with metal “woods” being cast overseas, Louisville Golf found a niche for its handmade Persimmon woods and custom hardwood putters in the 1990s introducing the SMART Oversized Persimmon driver (the first of its kind) and the NIBLICK Persimmon fairway woods (a design that today carries a money-back guarantee).

Presently Louisville Golf makes some of the finest Persimmon woods ever offered, keeping the tradition alive for golfers who have experienced the pleasure of hitting a wood golf club and want to pass that on to a generation that largely has never experienced the satisfaction and sound of a well-struck Persimmon wood.

“Persimmon is still relevant because the clubs we make are still as effective as anything made of metal for most golfers,” said Mike Just, Louisville Golf’s president. “We have the customers to prove it; they enjoy the game more with our clubs. We think it is important to the game and to the golfers who play it to keep the traditions of wood golf clubs going.

We see it as our mission to keep wood golf clubs in play.

Hickory Golf Clubs

With this mission of keeping the game’s wood golf club-making tradition active, Louisville Golf has included Hickory-shafted golf clubs in its product line. Being uniquely qualified to build Hickory-shafted golf clubs, Louisville Golf first offered Hickory-shafted golf clubs for players in the National Hickory Championship. Original clubs from that period were too expensive to play, and Louisville Golf was asked to provide replica equipment for participants.

As more players began playing golf with hickory-shafted golf clubs, Louisville Golf expanded its line to make a wider variety of clubs available. Today the E. Just & Bros. line of Hickory-shafted clubs offers a full complement of hickory-shafted woods, irons and putter models from the Walter Hagen and Bobby Jones era of golf.

All Louisville Golf hickory clubs are approved by the Society of Hickory Golfers for play in all events.

Keeping these traditions in play, and honoring the spirit of the game, is what Louisville Golf is all about.

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