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Baffing Spoon

The Hickory Shaft

In 1929, when he was asked by Bobby Jones to make a duplicate of his famed Jeanie Deans driver, J. Victor East said that Jones “inspected 5,000 pieces of first grade hickory to find four shafts” that were suitable, and of these four, two met the final requirements for his drivers. You might notice that […]

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5 great fall golf destinations

5 Great Fall Golf Destinations

Don’t pack your persimmons away just yet. Fall is a great time to explore new golfing destinations while enjoying lower fees, greater tee-time flexibility and cooler weather. Your game may take a little bit longer as falling leaves litter the fairways, but it’s well worth the opportunity to enjoy all that the season has to […]

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louisville golf timless timber putter

Timeless Timber Putter

Timeless Timber has gone to the bottom of the Great Lakes to find a unique treasure. During the period of 1700 to 1920, most of the virgin old growth forests were cut down to build the towns and cities of a growing nation. Many of the best logs, because of their density, sunk while they […]

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louisville golf history

Trusted Manufacturer of the Golf Industry

In addition to these special projects listed above Louisville Golf once manufactured some of the finest Persimmon woods ever made for pillars of the golf industry. This is a partial list of some of the golf companies who entrusted the Louisville Golf Club Company with the manufacturing of their Persimmon woods: Ben Hogan (Apex, Edge, Sure-Out) […]

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churchill downs limited edition putters

Churchill Downs Limited Edition Putters

When historic horse racetrack Churchill Downs, home of the Kentucky Derby, made some renovations to their clubhouse, some pine rafters from the late 19th century were made available to us to make some limited edition putters. The pine timber was solid and needed little finishing. This remains one of our favorite projects from our “Old Kentucky […]

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louisville golf persimmon woods designed for Tiger Woods

Custom Persimmon Driver for Tiger Woods

In 2004 we made a special Persimmon driver for the then No. 1 golfer in the world. Nike’s master club designer, Tom Stites, who once worked at the Ben Hogan Company, commissioned us to replicate a Cleveland Classic Persimmon driver Tiger used in the off-season to sharpen his ball-striking. Mr. Stites said Tiger liked it and […]

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