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Old Tom Stewart

Who Was Tom Stewart?

Stewart Thomas (St. Andrews) Stewart is arguably the most famous hickory cleek-maker in the world. He produced millions of club heads (he only made club heads and not complete clubs) between 1893 and1932. His eye for perfection was legendary. As a result, many of the world’s best players used Stewart irons (Old Tom Morris, Bobby […]

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The Kempshall Putter

The Kempshall Putter

Willie Dunn Jr. was one of the finest players of his day. In 1894, he won what was billed as the first Golf Championship of the United States. This victory was not officially recognized by the USGA because the organization was formed after the event took place. Willie finished second in the USGA Open Championship […]

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golf club industry standards

Industry Standards?

It is surprising that there aren’t “Industry Standards” for golf club specifications. What is the standard length for a driver? What is the standard loft of a 5 iron? Is Company A’s stiff flex shaft the same as Company B’s? What about the torque of comparable graphite shafts? If you start comparing the actual specifications of […]

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hickory shaft finishes

Hickory Shaft Finishes

When Old Tom Morris needed to put a finish on a hickory golf shaft he couldn’t run down to the Home Depot to pick up a can of Min Wax stain and polyurethane. The stains and finishes available to early club makers were made from natural resources. A common stain originally used on hickory shafts […]

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the wilson whale

The Wilson Whale

We did a lot of work for Wilson Golf in the 1980’s. In addition to making their Pro Line Staff clubs, we were also making up to 800 clubs per day for other Wilson brands. Our primary contact with Wilson was a gentleman named Larry Bobka. He was a plus 2 handicap and handled the […]

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standard oil and standard irons

Standard Oil and Standard Irons

Do you ever ask your friend, “what club did you hit?” Do you ever wonder, “How did he hit an 8 iron when you just hit a 7 or even a 6?” Last week, my uncle and President of Louisville Golf, Mike Just, wrote an article about Iron lofts in our blog titled “Do you […]

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do you need a gap wedge_louisville golf

Do You Need a Gap Wedge?

Do you carry a Gap Wedge or Attack Wedge in your bag? If you’re a younger golfer you have grown up with this club. But if you’re a senior golfer you never heard of this club until the middle of the 1990’s. Where did this club come from and it a necessary club to add […]

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Baffing Spoon

The Hickory Shaft

In 1929, when he was asked by Bobby Jones to make a duplicate of his famed Jeanie Deans driver, J. Victor East said that Jones “inspected 5,000 pieces of first grade hickory to find four shafts” that were suitable, and of these four, two met the final requirements for his drivers. You might notice that […]

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