Persimmon Woods ON OFFER

  • Classic 50’s Persimmon Driver

    From: $185.00

    This is a classic: a pear-shaped Persimmon wood has more wins under its belt than any other driver in history. All of golf’s legends wielded this timeless design: Hogan, Snead, Palmer, Nicklaus, and Watson to name a few, have use this shape to amass countless victories. If you want to experience golf fully, try one…

  • Classic 50’s Persimmon Fairway Woods

    From: $185.00

    You haven’t experienced golf to the fullest unless you have played the game with these Persimmon woods. Specifications Material: Solid USA Persimmon Shape: Classic Pear Insert: Red cycolac Soleplate: Brass Hosel: Hand-whipped Finish: Mahogany Shaft: Steel Dynamic Gold, Steel TT Lite, or Graphite Shaft Flex: R,S,X,A

  • NIBLICK Fairway Woods

    From: $210.00

    For thousands of our best customers the NIBLICK fairway wood is their go-to club. This is the same club that earned a 9.2 rating from PGA Tour Partners, the highest-rated club during their testing, beating out all metal challengers. It is a design for the ages, and one that, once you experience its pure performance,…

  • Smart ProBE Driver

    From: $250.00

    A few years ago we developed a new SMART Oversized Persimmon Driver shape especially for a player on the PGA Tour - the SMART ProB.E. driver is the fruit of that collaboration. It incorporates an oversized Persimmon head to better match up with a graphite shaft, while retaining the classic pear shape that more experienced…

  • THUMPER Max Driver

    From: $325.00

    Our THUMPER Max oversized Persimmon driver sits on a 300cc chassis making it our largest wood head. The size of the THUMPER Max Driver goes well with longer and lighter graphite shafts, which is the main component in hitting the ball greater distances. It is a rare driver with a singular purpose -- go long.…