We have been making persimmon wood heads at Louisville Golf for over four decades. The nature of a persimmon wood head allows for an incredible amount of control in meeting certain specifications. You can control the shape, the size, the weight, and weight distribution. This control gives us the ability to create consistency with our heads to create a finely groomed finished product.


It starts with the raw material, the hickory squares. We purchase our hickory in 1” x 1” squares. We are fortunate to have found a small family-run saw mill that will cut the hickory to our specifications: straight grain, straightness, and clear of defects. We pay a premium for the hickory squares, but it is well worth it. When we receive the squares, we use our 40 years of expertise of working with wood to sort the wood into categories. Then begins further inspection of the shafts. Throughout this process, each shaft is inspected five times for grain, straightness, defects, and flex. Similar shafts are grouped together, allowing us to build a set that provides a consistent feel from club to club.


Basically our philosophy is simple: make the replica look, feel, and perform like the original. Yet to achieve that end more work than you imagine takes place. First off, it’s not about replicating just any club; it’s about searching and finding the few clubs and club sets we know are consistently proven performers.

To make sure we duplicate the original clubs accurately we measure the specifications of the original clubs, loft, lie, weight, center of gravity…..We measure key elements of the head, length of the hosel, shape of the head, and dot punch or line cut scoring. We then work painstakingly to make duplicate heads that are as close as possible to the originals. We verify this by comparing our replica heads back to the original clubs that we keep on hand.
The process of making tooling to produce our replicas can take more than a few tries to get correct but the results are worth it: a club that faithfully models the look, feel, and play characteristics of the original club used as a benchmark. It’s an idea simple in conception, challenging in execution, yet deeply rewarding in results.