Persimmon Ridge Golf Course

Louisville Golf’s Home Course

persimmon ridge 1 teebox louisville golfFounded by Elmore Just and designed by Arthur Hills, Persimmon Ridge first opened in 1989 and has been ranked the No. 2 golf course in Kentucky behind Valhalla; annually it is among the top-rated tracks in the region. Nestled quietly in the rolling hills of Shelby County, Kentucky, it is a destination golf course.

The natural lay of the land allowed Mr. Hills to create a masterpiece of golf course design. Persimmon Ridge won the prestigious Golf Digest 2007 Outstanding Design award. The 18-hole championship layout takes you through woods, over creeks, around lakes and through a 120-foot elevation change during your round.

Mr. Hills describes Persimmon Ridge as “a strong and challenging course…and may be one of the best golf courses I’ve built.” Keeping the course as natural as possible was the key for Mr. Hills and Mr. Just. That theme is stated at the entrance to the clubhouse on a sign with a quote from Mr. Hills: “The greater things in life are created by nature, the lesser by man.”

Play Persimmon Ridge

Because of Louisville’s Golf’s close family relationship with Persimmon Ridge Golf Club (the course was the brainchild of Louisville Golf founder Elmore Just), Louisville Golf customers can now schedule to play the most challenging course in the region. There are limited tee times reserved on Saturday and Sunday afternoons each weekend for current customers. If you have bought something from Louisville Golf in the last 365 days you can play!

To secure a tee time contact Persimmon Ridge at 502-241-0819 the Wednesday prior to the weekend you wish to play, and identify yourself as a Louisville Golf guest. The fee will be the standard member’s guest fee; $64 which includes full range usage and golf cart.