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  • Black Brassie


    The Black Brassie, with 12 degrees loft, is the driver that compliments the Black Spoon Fairway wood. The head shape of the Black Brassie is a duplicate of an original Jack White driver. White was a renowned Scottish clubmaker whose most famous customer was Bobby Jones, who won the Grand Slam in 1930. The Black Driving…

  • Calamity Jane Putter


    Bobby Jones began putting with his original Calamity Jane after a friendly round at the Nassau CC on Long Island before competing in the 1923 U.S. Open. The brother of Stewart Maiden (Jones’ teacher) heard Jones complain about his putting, and handed him a putter he had named for the famous female sharpshooter from the…

  • Christmas Ornament

    $30.00 $26.99

    This handmade Christmas tree ornament is made out of Genuine USA wood species. It is hand-stained to various beautiful finishes and some are hand fitted with inserts. This head is also hand-wrapped on the neck with traditional twine whipping and hand-scored on the face like all traditional Persimmon heads made by Louisville Golf. This adds…

  • E. Just Hickory Intro Set


    The E. Just Intro Set gives you all the clubs you need to get started playing hickory golf. The Spoon can be used from the tee and the fairway while the four irons get you around most courses. We suggest playing your home course between 5,600 yards and 6,000 yards. If you really enjoy playing…

  • Jack White 1930 Special


    The JWS Spoon is a replica of the Spoon (#3 Wood) Bobby Jones used to win the Grand Slam in 1930, capturing both British and U.S. Opens and Amateurs that year. The JWS spoon is made to compliment Jones’ Jeanie Deans driver. The JWS spoon is patterned after a Jack White model spoon. Jack White…

  • Jack White Deep Face Driver


    This driver has a face depth of a full 1-3/4". This is an excellent driver for those looking for a deep face driver, or for players with a higher club head speed. For slower club head speeds the deeper face increases the Center of Gravity slightly which producing a more boring ball flight. This would…

  • Precision Hickory Iron Set-Left Handed


    The idea of selling a matching set of irons began in the 1920s; before that time, even though groups of four or five irons resembling each other were available, the golfer usually assembled a set of irons by selecting individual clubs based on personal preference, often from various makers. As the 1920s continued to roar,…

  • T. Stewart Hickory Tournament Set


    The Tom Stewart Hickory iron set is the most played irons of the hickory era.  The weight in the head is concentrated low and in the sole. The T. Stewart Tournament Set gives you all the clubs you need to play Hickory Golf on any golf course. Enjoy the game at your home course or play in one…

  • Vintage Canvas Golf Carry Bag

    $199.99 $175.00

    With a large pocket and a rain hood, our Louisville Golf Vintage Style Golf Carry Bag is designed to suit all golfers' needs. Product features: Canvas Base with Leather Trim Four-way full length divider Padded Shoulder Strap for Additional Comfort Rain Hood to Cover and Protect Golf Clubs Umbrella Holder Diameter: 6" (inner)

  • Wilsonian Brassie


    The Wilsonian Brassie has a lower Center of Gravity(CG) and at 13.5 degrees it has more loft making it a great fit between the driver and spoon.  The lower CG and increased loft allows the brassie to launch the ball higher, maximizes carry distance, and makes it an excellent choice for golfers seeking higher ball trajectory.…