NIBLICK Fairway Woods

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For thousands of our best customers, the NIBLICK fairway wood is their go-to club. This is the same club that earned a 9.2 rating from PGA Tour Partners, the highest-rated club during their testing, beating out all metal challengers. It is a design for the ages, and one that, once you experience its pure performance, will inspire more confidence in your game and bring you more enjoyment.

We offer the NIBLICK in 9 lofts, replacing up to the 8-iron. Many golfers have all 9, all you need is one to become a believer.


  • Handcrafted in U.S.A.
  • Head Material: Solid USA Persimmon
  • Soleplate: V-shaped stainless steel
  • Insert: Black cycolac
  • Hosel: Hand-whipped
  • Finish: Mahogany
  • #2 NIBLICK: 13° Loft, 55° Lie, 42.5″ long for Steel and 43.5″ for Graphite, size 150cc. Right-Handed Only
  • #3 NIBLICK: 16° Loft, 56° Lie, 42″ long for Steel and 43″ for Graphite, size 150cc. Available in Left-Handed
  • #4 NIBLICK: 18.5° Loft, 56.5° Lie, 41.5″ long for Steel and 42.5″ for Graphite, size 145cc. Right-Handed Only
  • #5 NIBLICK: 21° Loft, 57° Lie, 41″ long for Steel and 42″ for Graphite, size 145cc. Available in Left-Handed
  • #7 NIBLICK: 24° Loft, 58° Lie, 40.5″ long for Steel and 41.5″ for Graphite, size 125cc. Available in Left-Handed
  • #9 NIBLICK: 27° Loft, 58° Lie, 40″ long for Steel and 41″ for Graphite, size 125cc. Available in Left-Handed
  • #11 NIBLICK: 30° Loft, 58° Lie, 39.5″ long for Steel and 40.5″ for Graphite, size 125cc. Right-Handed Only
  • #13 NIBLICK: 33° Loft, 58° Lie, 39″ long for Steel and 40″ for Graphite, size 125cc. Right-Handed Only
  • #15 NIBLICK: 36° Loft, 58° Lie, 39″ long for Steel and 40″ for Graphite, size 125cc. Right-Handed Only
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Classic Woods Head Cover

Additional information

Weight 3.00 lbs
Dimensions 3 x 3 x 47 in



Steel Dynamic Gold, Graphite

Shaft Flex

R (Regular), S (Stiff), X (Extra Stiff), A (Senior), L (Ladies)


Tour Wrap, Mid Size Tour Wrap, Jumbo Tour Wrap, Velvet, Crossline, Full Cord

Right or Left Handed

Right, Left

2 reviews for NIBLICK Fairway Woods

  1. Mel A.

    I switched out my long and mid irons for high-lofted metal fairway woods several years ago, because the woods were so much easier to hit–even easier than hybrids. My game improved dramatically once I did, and I now play fairway woods from a 3-wood down to a 17-wood with a couple wedges. I thought it would be fun to try a persimmon Niblick as a novelty just to see what they were like, so I purchased a 9-wood (4-iron) and 13-wood (7-8 iron). It turns out they are way more than just “fun” and they are certainly not just a novelty! They hit beautifully, launching high and long! I have been hitting great shots, with noticeably more–and consistently more–accuracy than with my metal woods. They are also works of art and make the greatest sound when hit on their sweet spot (which is often!). They are outstanding clubs, which is why I’ll be ordering more Niblicks and plan to eventually have the entire set, both high-lofted and long woods. I can’t say enough good things about these Niblicks–they are easy to hit, fun to play, and perform superbly! I highly recommend putting these in your bag!

  2. Bill Anderson

    I’ve been playing my left handed 3,5, and 7 Niblicks for about 14 years or so, and despite the fact that I own a number of fine metal woods, I keep coming back to the Niblicks. These woods are easy to hit and with their V sole and low center of gravity, will dig a ball out of a bad lie with ease. I can control my ball better with these woods than any metal wood I have tried. Mine have steel shafts, and I probably would opt for graphites if I were to purchase them over again. But the accuracy and easy of play of even my steel shafted Niblicks makes these clubs keepers. They will get the ball into the air so easily, and have really made a big difference in my fairway shots, and if I had to dispose of all my fairway woods but three, the Niblicks would be my hands-down choice. They are beautiful to look at, and the feel of real persimmon is the finest sensation in golf. I’m 71 years old now, and have been playing since I was 12 or 13, and grew up with persimmon, and I am glad these modern persimmons are available. I’m also a 16 year heart transplant survivor, and not as strong as I once was, and these clubs have helped me make up for my shorter distances, by adding to my accuracy. I also have a couple of Lousiville Golf drivers and several of their putters and love all these fine clubs. It’s a pleasure to use truly hand-made by real craftsmen golf equipment, something really lacking in today’s mass produced/mass marketed golf equipment.

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