Wilsonian Driver


When I first considered making a replica driver about 15 years ago, I contacted 8 times National Hickory Champion Randy Jensen for advice on an appropriate model to duplicate. Randy sent me an original Wilsonian driver which he said was one of the most sought after clubs by hickory players. This model looked too modern for me, ( a personal preference) reminding me of a MacGregor driver from the 1950’s. (I have since learned that the Wilsonian model did indeed transition into the classic MacGregor model)

So, I shafted the head and traded the club to Tim Flynn. Tim found the shaft a little too flexible for him and traded the club to Mike Brown. From Mike Brown the club finally found a permanent home with Chris Deinlein. You couldn’t pry this driver away from Chris with crow bar. Thanks to Chris for allowing me to duplicate this fine driver.

The Wilsonian driver has a more shallow face depth which lowers the Center of Gravity. This allows the driver to launch the ball higher, maximizing carry distance, making it an excellent driver for golfers with slower swing speeds. Maximizing carry distance makes the Wilsonian driver a good choice for all golfers on soft courses where there is little roll.

Length – Standard 43”, 43.5”

Flex – X-Stiff, Stiff, Regular, Firm, Senior, Ladies

Grip sizes – Standard .900”, 1X .915”, 2X .930”, Mid-size .945”, Jumbo .960

  • Head: Solid USA Persimmon
  • Loft: 12 degrees
  • Shaft: Solid hickory
  • Standard shaft lengths: 43, 43.5
  • Grip: Handwrapped leather
  • Playable with modern golf ball
  • Engrave shaft, add $10
  • x Clear selection

Louisville Golf Headcover

Additional information

Weight 0.75 lbs
Dimensions 45 x 4 x 3.1 in
Driver Length

43, 43.5 (Standard Length)

Grip Size

Standard .900”, 1X .915”, 2X .930”, Mid-size .945”, Jumbo .960

Shaft Flex


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